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Personal Brand Sessions

What is it?

When should I go for it?

What's included?



A little bit about this curly girl!

I'm your Curly girl photographer!

My name is Crisandra and I take Lifestyle pictures that best represent you and your business! More importantly, I'm here to help you ROCK your session! Oh YES, I will help you with your confidence and best of all...You will have so much fun! I'm sure of it!


Where will the session take us? In your home, favorite coffee shop, nearby park or downtown? There are so many possibilities when it comes to what the session can look like.

I'm here to be a friend; to guide you through the process and above all to cater to your photography needs because let's face it. You are too busy to take your own pictures AND edit them. This stuff takes work, and I live for it!


I'm here to make things less stressful and have a great time while doing it! Let's see what your story looks like and make some magic happen!

Personal Brand Photography
How Will You Tell It?

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